Saturation diving requires complex saturation diving systems designed to precisely control depth, atmosphere composition, and temperature. Commanding Officers, Diving Officers, and Master Divers must consider personnel and training requirements, the physiological stress imposed by depth and dive duration, logistics, and gas supply requirements. Refer to Table 15-2 for the personnel requirements for saturation diving.

TABLE 15-2

TABLE 15-2 Personnel Requirements for Saturation Diving.

Dive Team Selection

All candidates for a saturation dive shall be physically qualified to make the dive as determined by a Saturation Diving Medical Officer. With the exceptions of authorized research, testing of equipment, or training purposes, all divers shall be qualified and experienced with the UBA being used and in the particular dive system to which they are assigned. Depending on mission requirements, divers may need to have special skills that are required for the operation

Mission Training

When the schedule permits, training in preparation for a specific saturation diving mission shall be conducted. This training provides an opportunity to ensure that all personnel are in optimal physical condition and facilitates the development of special skills required for the operation. Training also provides an opportunity for individuals to function as a team and to identify an individual with leadership skills necessary to fill the role of dive team leader. Alternate divers should be identified and trained with the team in the event of illness or injury to a primary diver.

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