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25 April 2019

13 December 2017
Divers attempt to rescue humpback whale caught in fishing net off the coast of Oman
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13 December 2017
'I'm now scuba certified': Sigourney Weaver, 68, preps for underwater motion capture role in Avatar 2
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12 December 2017
What to get a scuba diver for Christmas?
Well an all expenses paid holiday to the Maldives would be nice, but assuming your finances don't stretch that far here are a selection of more affordable gifts and stocking fillers.
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11 December 2017
Scientists track sharks by sampling seawater
Current methods of baiting, hooking and filming sharks, rays and other large fish are invasive and costly and require teams of scientists spending much time at sea. The new study published in Scientific Reports shows that a sample of seawater can provide the identifiable tracks of numerous species of shark.
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10 December 2017
'Perfect storm' mystery deepens: Divers searching the hulk of trawler that sank in brutal seas find no sign of the bodies of four fishermen who went down with the ship
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09 December 2017
Sea urchins help scientists develop super-strong cement
A pillar made of the cement could be 8000 m high, and all because of the sea urchin blueprint.
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08 December 2017
'Beyond my wildest dreams' - Diver visits sunken ship his grandfather served on during World War One
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07 December 2017
Revealed - the diving bestsellers of 2017
Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die keeps its top spot for another year, although it was run very close by the perennially popular Dive Atlas of the World. A single DVD makes the list - the fascinating Blue Planet II. If you haven't seen it then buy this even if you buy no other diving book or dvd this year.
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07 December 2017
Where is the best diving in Honduras?
Answer - The Bay Islands. But which one?
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06 December 2017
Australia: Scuba diving world record attempt on Mornington Peninsula
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