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Table of Contents

1 Pressure and Gases
2 The Face Mask
3 The Snorkel
4 The Fins
5 Weight Systems
6 The Knife
7 The Wetsuit
8 Pressure and Water
9 The Ear and Pressure
10 The Sinus and Pressure
11 The Stomach/Intestine and Pressure
12 The Lung and Pressure
13 Barotrauma caused by External Air Spaces
14 The Buoyancy Compesation Device (BCD)
15 The Scuba Cylinder
16 The Scuba Cylinder Valve
17 The Regulator
18 Density and the Diver
19 The 4 Gas Laws
20 Hand Signals
21 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
22 Hyperventilation
23 Nitrogen Narcosis
24 Diver's Flags
25 Sound Underwater
26 Color Underwater
27 Decompression Sickness
28 Breathing Oxygen
29 Deep Diving
30 Thermoclines
31 Thunderstorms
32 Underwater Life
33 Open Water Dives
34 The Final Examination
35 The Environment
36 Advanced Course

35 - The Environment

     For years man has discarded his garbage and trash beneath the waters of the planet. It is easy to toss something into the water and have it disappear from view. Out of sight, out of mind. It sure beats digging a hole and burying it! This process is now coming back to haunt us.

     According to the April 2000, Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine, "In many regions, as much as 60% of reef is at risk from human impacts, including overfishing, destructive fishing practices, sedimentation, and pollution." The magazine included a map of the Earth's reef locations according to World Wildlife Fund and World Resources Institute:

The reef locations

     Divers see the result of discarding waste. From dead sealife, coral bleaching, and litter on the ocean floor evidence man is a pig is reinforced. Many divers will not just pass over a plastic plate or plastic bucket. They will pick it up to be discarded in a trash receptacle after the dive. That is one of the best uses for a BC pocket!

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