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Sherwood Onyx Mask & Snorkel new

Sherwood Onyx Mask & Snorkel
Manufacturer: Sherwood
Weight: 1.00
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Did you ever wonder why all the good spear fishermen wear only dark rubber masks? Clear silicone rubber can create reflections on the inside of the lenses from surface light distracting the hunters focus on the prey. Real underwater hunters always wear black. Sherwood's Onyx Mask has a stealthy matte black finish that is perfect for the underwater hunter. The Onyx is a low profile mask with dual tempered glass lenses. The Mask has unique push-button buckle system that makes adjusting the mask quick & easy even when wearing the mask!

This low volume mask gives a great field-of-vision and is easy to clear. The Onyx Mask has a double feathered edge high quality black silicone rubber skirt and wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combined to create a perfect seal on the face. The Onyx Mask is equipped with an ergonomic easy-to-reach one-hand nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves.

The Mask comes in all black for the hunter-in-you. The Onyx with its non-reflective black silicone skirt and matte finish is also a great mask when you're hunting for that perfect photograph. Photographers also get distracted with reflections when using a clear silicone mask causing reflections on the viewfinder or camera LCD. The Onyx can also improve you're photography skills. Mask comes with a protective mask box.

Sherwood has brought back the classic J"-Style Snorkel Design for those who like a simple, yet functional no-nonsense snorkel. The Onyx has a professional matte black finish for that stealthy look. The Onyx has been designed for spear fishermen, free diving and is even great for scuba with its corrugated lower tube that drops away from the face when switching from your snorkel to your scuba regulator. The contoured tube hugs the divers head for perfect hydrodynamics and less drag. The Onyx has an easy-to-attach and detach snorkel keeper for attachment of the snorkel to your mask.

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