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Scuba Diving Gear : Snorkel Packages : Body Glove Cleo Combo Blue

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Body Glove Cleo Combo Blue new

Body Glove Cleo Combo Blue
Manufacturer: Body Glove
Weight: 1.15
Availability: Discontinued


The Body Glove Cleo Combo is an affordable single lens, mask and snorkel combo that will meet your tropical vacations needs. The mask skirt and strap are made from durable PVC material. The skirt has a double feathered edge and the strap is a wide split strap design. The skirt and strap design assures a great and comfortable seal on the face. The lens is made from tempered glass for clear vision. The strap buckles are a pivot style; with an easy adjust lever action. The Mask has an easy to reach one hand nose pocket for ear equalization. The reverse teardrop lens provides a wide unobstructed field of vision in a low volume mask design.

The Venetian Snorkel has a pre-bent flex tube and angled mouthpiece for a comfortable fit providing hours of fun without pulling at the mouth when snorkeling. Snorkel has a contoured tube with a splash guard that prevents water splash and wind waves from entering the breathing tube. If a small amount of water enters the tube it is easily expelled through the one-way purge valve with deep purge well below the mouthpiece. Snorkel come equipped with an easy to use snorkel keeper for attachment to the mask strap. Mask and snorkel combo is available in Blue and covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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