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Scuba Diving Gear : Snorkel Packages : Blue Reef Frameless Mask & Snorkel Package

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Blue Reef Frameless Mask & Snorkel Package new

Blue Reef Frameless Mask & Snorkel Package
Manufacturer: Blue Reef
Weight: 1.15
Availability: Discontinued



The Blue Reef Frameless Mask is an ultra-low volume mask. Its extremely soft double feathered edged silicone skirt and generous field of vision makes the mask a choice for professionals and beginners alike. Its frameless design makes this mask exceptionally strong and compact. Its pinch style non-corrosive and impact resistant buckles make mask strap adjustments effortless. Equipped with a tempered glass lens this mask is incredible durable. Additionally, an easy to reach, one handed nose pocket for ear equalization can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves.


The Blue Reef Semi-Dry Ultra 2 Flex Snorkel features a semi-dry snorkel top. This feature limits the amount of water that enters into the tube. The corrugated flex tube allows for an incredible comfortable fit and the changeable silicone mouthpiece allows you a custom fit. The snorkel also features a one-way purge valve for easy water purging and a swivel mask strap clip that allows the snorkel to move freely without straining your jaw.

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