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Scuba Diving Gear : Snorkel Packages : Atomic Frameless 2 Mask, Fin and Snorkel Package

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Atomic Frameless 2 Mask, Fin and Snorkel Package new

Atomic Frameless 2 Mask, Fin and Snorkel Package
Manufacturer: Atomic
Weight: 5.25
Availability: Discontinued


When you learned how to dive your instructor told you the most important part of choosing equipment was comfort and fit. When looking for a mask you also need a great field of vision well this mask was designed to meet those and more desirable qualities. The Atomic Frameless-2 Masks give the diver the widest field of view in a single lens mask design. The mask skirt is made from high quality silicone rubber and has a low volume profile to add to the increased field of vision. Low volume also makes mask clearing easier due to less water needing to be displaced. Mask is equipped with easy squeeze-to-adjust buckles that are mounted behind the lens for a more hydrodynamic design.

The Atomic Aquatics Frameless-2 Mask is focused on fit, Comfort and a wide vision field. The Atomic Aquatics Fameless Mask with its large tempered glass lens and close fitting skirt work in harmony to create perhaps the widest viewing angle of any frameless mask design. The lens shape was computer designed to maximize upward, downward and side to side vision. Because an external frame is not needed, the viewable area of the lens is optimized.

The Atomic Frameless Mask offers a new standard feature never seen or seen through" before in a diving mask. Atomic calls them ultra-clear lenses. What makes ultra-clear special? Did you ever notice that normal dive mask lenses have a green tint to the glass? To see this tint, put your existing mask up to a piece of white paper and see for yourself. The green tint you see is the result of iron impurities left over in lower quality float" or window type glass. That green tint distorts true colors and blocks out some of the light that reaches the eye.

Ultra-Clear is a new and exciting optical quality tempered glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission, with no color distortion. The exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion in the ultra-clear lens maximizes the light available for improved visual acuity, especially underwater in low light conditions, better vision, truer colors is what you get with Atomic Aquatics Ultra-Clear Lens. The Atomic Aquatics Frameless-2 Mask has a double feathered edge clear skirt that provides an excellent seal on the divers face with an easy-to-reach one-handed nose well for ear equalization. The wide split style mask strap increases the masks ability to conform to your face adding to its great sealing ability. Mask also comes with a mask box.

Many divers won't even dive with a snorkel, just look around on the next dive you take at the beach or out on the charter boat, very few snorkels. You also hear many divers on those dives complain about their short bottom times and want to know how to increase it for more fun. A snorkel is part of that answer. The amount of air a diver wastes on the surface breathing from their regulator drastically reduces the amount of air for the actual time they are underwater.

A snorkel that is easy to clear is low in profile and one that stays dryer inside is what you are looking for. SV stand for Scupper Valve, also known as a one way valve. Just like the one way valve in your regulator which when you exhale drains water from your regulator the Scupper Valve basically works the same. The SV1 uses an additional feature that keeps water away from your mouth a small tube located just below the mouthpiece is designed to keep the breathing airway path free of water droplets. The flexible lower tube makes the Atomic SV1 Snorkel perfect for Scuba by automatically swinging out-of-the-way when you are using your Scuba regulator. So if you hate to use a snorkel, but want more bottom time this is the solution you are looking for. Snorkel comes with a quick-release snorkel keeper that has a 30° rotation/sliding adjuster and has a removable and replaceable silicone mouthpiece.

The Atomic Blade Fin combines 2-Fame Designs on one fin to maximize kicking power in the water. Atomic has achieved this with Power-Loop Monocoque Structural Engineering Monocoque and Power Rails . Power-Loop Monocoque, is an Engineering-Term meaning Single Shell." This design structure is Heavily Utilized in the design of an Aircraft Fuselage or Indy Race Car, for example. Power-Loop Monocoque is a Construction Technique that Utilizes the External Skin to Support Some-or-Most of the Load-Area of the Fin while Power is applied through the Frame Rails (Power Rails) into the water.

Power- Loop Monocoque Foot Pocket Power Plate
The Power-Loop Monocoque Structure is located over the top of the foot pocket and connected to the fin via a Frame Rail (or backbone/bulkhead), Backbone Frame Structure inside the Power Rails. In turn, this structure is connected to the sole plate (Power Plate), giving the diver a very solid feeling of the fin being bolted" to the foot as power is smoothly transferred to the water without twisting. Power Rail The Frame Rail structure on each side of the fin is designed to mimic a bulkhead, backbone or spine. Vertical Stabilizer Oversized Vertical Stabilizers at the tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down. The Four C'S of Atomic Thrusters Fin Power: Capture Contain Channel Control Thruster fins capture water and contain the flow without spilling it over the edges while channeling the flow of water down the blade and off the vertical stabilizer edge tips, and controlling the power with Atomics' two Frame Structures (Monocoque and Frame Rail) to fully optimize the paddle fin design.

Wow! Is what you will say once you have tried these fins, but that's not all! The Atomic Aquatics non-vented blade fins have a New Buckle Styling All new buckle style with wicked" design and cleaner styling. Fin is equipped with EZ-LOK squeeze-style" quick-release buckles which, snap-on-and-off with ease, yet will not disengage accidentally. The rubber fin straps are equipped with a large pull tab for easy donning and doffing.

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