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2 Divers Flag on Clear Background - Sticker new

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Does your dive buddy or diving significant other seem to have everything they could possibly want when it comes to dive equipment? Full set of dive gear, backup computer, pony bottle system, camera, metal detector, etc. well how about a 2 Diver Dive Flag Sticker! Bet they don't have one of those, now do they! Tell them that it will let people know you're a diver. This 2 Diver Dive Flag Sticker makes the perfect gift for that diver in your life that has everything (but a 2 Diver Dive Flag Sticker). Let people know you're a diver with this 2 Divers Flag Sticker. Stick it on your school books, vehicle, boat, or wherever you like. Great looking 2 divers with traditional red and white diver-down" dive flag design sticker. This decorative sticker measures approximately 4" x 4" (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm) and is made from durable vinyl material. Also makes a great gift for a diving friend.

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