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Scuba Diving Gear : Exposure Protection : Hoods : Cressi Solo 2mm Hood

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Cressi Solo 2mm Hood new

Manufacturer: Cressi
Weight: 0.25
Availability: Discontinued


Layering is the key to warmth when we Scuba dive. By layering we breathe slower conserve our air supply allowing us to make longer and more enjoyable dives. The Cressi Solo 2mm Hoods oversized bib is made to tuck easily into wetsuits forming additional layering for a good seal and an overall anatomical shape that helps eliminate sags and air pockets. The hood body is made from premium nylon ll neoprene 2 mm material. All the hoods seams are flat lock stitched for added comfort. The hood edges are double stitched for strength and durability. The hood is black in color, available in multiple sizes.

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