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Akona Quantum Stretch Hooded Vest new

Akona Quantum Stretch Hooded Vest
Manufacturer: Akona
Weight: 1.30
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Layering has always been the secret to a warmer dive. If you stay warm while underwater you get longer bottom times, loose less heat for multiple dives in one day and reduce fatigue and the chance of decompression sickness. The Akona Quantum Stretch Hooded Vest is made with 4-way stretch neoprene that gives the most comfortable fit you have ever worn. A unique rubberized neck panel and an exterior seal provide warmth and reduce the amount of water entry. Combined with an Akona wetsuit, the Hooded Vest works perfectly to create a glide-skin neck seal which prevents water from seeping in between the suit and the vest. All this means more comfortable and enjoyable diving!

If you don't own an Akona suit, you will still have the benefit of layering and will feel better on any dive regardless of the water temperature. This Hooded Vest has a thick 6.5 mm 4-way stretch hood with a 3 mm vest. The Glide Skin face seal also reduces water entry. The entire Hooded Vest has glued and blind stitched seams and is taped around the arm holes for added strength and durability.

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