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Scuba Diving Gear : Exposure Protection : Boots : Henderson Microprene 2 Fin Socks

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Henderson Microprene 2 Fin Socks new

Manufacturer: Henderson
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Returning this year is Microprene 2 a significantly improved version of the extremely popular Microprene series. The big story here is that Microprene 2 utilizes 180% stretch Thermoprene Rubber throughout the Microprene Lineup which provides huge improvements in comfort and mobility. Microprene 2 is an ultra thin 1.5 mm, hi-stretch neoprene that is superior as a base layer, but is also a good choice for any tropical environment. It boasts the same basic characteristic and features as thicker cuts of Thermoprene, providing outstanding insulation characteristics, elasticity and durability for a warm and flexible fit. Sock comes equipped with Traction Sole for a positive grip on slippery surfaces.

Wearing Microprene under a thicker boot is like super-charging your exposure gear. The extra layer of insulation helps create a more effective water barrier to significantly reduce water transfer. It also adds a minimal amount of buoyancy, helping divers keep their weight belts as light as possible. When worn alone Microprene provides benefits similar to that of skin socks, but are warmer and more durable than the traditional skin style garments. Warmer, lightweight, and comfortable Microprene is a perfect addition to all your dive adventures.

If you're a warm water diver and want the protective value of a Fin Sock for added warmth the Henderson Microprene Fin Sock is a welcome addition to your exposure suit arsenal. The Sock helps shield the skin from abrasion, UV rays and biological irritants such as Sea Lice. Miroprene Fin Socks are available in 6 Sizes from X-Small to 2X-Large.

Thermoprene Material

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